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Yalelift 360 CR

Corrosion resistant

All models of the Yalelift 360 can be supplied with corrosion resistant features which include zinc-plated load chains and stainless steel hand chain as standard.

With the application of a protective coating, the development of corrosion can be reduced and delayed, extending the service life of the treated components.

 Ex-logo Spark Resistant Features


All models can be provided with Atex certified spark resistant protection:

  • Load and hand chains from stainless steel
  • Bronzed suspension and load hooks
  • Sold bronze trolley wheels
  • Rubber buffers

Overload Protection

Prevents excessive load take-up of the hoist during operation. When reaching pre-set overload value, the unit will jam and stop operation in lifting direction although load can still be lowered.


Beam Locking Device

Yale trolleys can be optionally provided with beam locking device to secure the unloaded trolley in fixed position on the beam.



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