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Yale CPA Air Hoist

Capacities 2000kg to 10 000kg

Features and benefits:

  • Designed for heavy duty applications
  • Low noise emission for operator
  • 100% duty rating and an unlimited number of starts
  • High starting torque for fast response
  • Oil lubricated gearbox for ultra-long service life and compact
  • Up to 3 ton capacity on one chain fall for low headroom
  • Hooks are-non aging and ductile. Will not snap but yields gradually under extreme overload
  • Zinc plated case hardened load chain for long service life
  1. Sensitive pendant control makes controlling very easy



  • Can be supplied with air powered beam trolley or manual beam trolley

  • Can be supplied with stainless steel load chain for corrosive or explosive conditions

  • Can be supplied in complete Atex explosion proof option Ex-logo



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