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Air Chain Hoists

Capacities from 0.5 ton to 10 ton

Why an air hoist?

Air hoists are ideal for many applications and conditions that make electric hoists uneconomical or impractical to operate.

Precise, almost infinitely variable speed control is a standard feature of Yale air chain hoists. Expensive electrical controls are not necessary to get precision load spotting capabilities.

Air motors are sealed against dust, moisture, and corrosive gases. External air is kept out by internal air pressure. This is why air hoists are suited to many grain, coal, and chemical operations.

Air hoists perform well where heat may be a problem – either from extremely heavy duty cycles or from above average ambient temperatures. Since air motors won’t overheat, air hoists are often found in electroplating operations and foundries.

Air hoists are used extensively in chemical and petrochemical industries because unprotected electric motors are not allowed. Some Yale air chain hoists are easily adapted for use in many flammable environments by using spark resistant options.

Yale air chain hoists may be the best solution for your material handling problem.

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